Historical Traditional Greek Schooner 17m.

Size: 17,00 Year: 1930 Yacht Code: MS/1045 Engines: Price: 120000 ENQUIRY

This is a unique, historical, traditional Greek Schooner, fully refurbished. The LOA is 17m and width 5,40m.

Description & History:

  • Exact information regarding her year of built is not available (1930-1935). She is one of the last original samples of the Aegean boat building “Perama” type.
  • According to information, she was built in the island of Syros by the famous shipbuilder “Mavrikos”.
  • She was used for transportation between the Aegean Islands and Pireaus, or Salonika and Pireaus. During the years the boat changed appearance and use. She was used to carry food and correspondence to the prisoners of Ai Stratis Island, and to carry wood from the Holy Mountain of Athos to the Island of Limnos.
  • By 1995, she was withdrawn, repaired and completely refurbished in order to restore her original character and her unique traditional aspects. Thus, this historical, traditional schooner is reserved and is a unique example of Greek traditional shipbuilding.
  • All areas, even wc and galley are of traditional type. All accessories on board, such as lamps, metallic elements etc. are from coper and were either installed originally or bought from collectors, spending a substantial amount of time, effort and money.
  • It is a very rare Schooner that offers the unique opportunity to be used as a “Museum” in order to pass her knowledge and history to younger people.