Custom Catamaran 63′

Size: 19,20 Year: 2010 Yacht Code: CAT/0059 Engines: 2 x 110 HP Price: 1029000 ENQUIRY

This catamaran boasts style, performance and comfort. Catamaran 63 is the most popular model by chater companies worldwide. She has an extremly modern visual look while maintaining a fast yet economical construction. We can tailor Catamaran 63 to suit your budget, your climate, and your sailing conditions. She is especially cost-effective and has an extraordinary price to performance ratio. The glass-epoxy-composite with a carbon reinforcement hull is a much better value than those of most of other popular catamaran charter management ‘brand’ name companies which use polyester hulls and cost more.
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  • Construction: Glass-Epoxy-Composite with
  • carbon reinforcement in high load areas
  • LOA: 19.20 m / 63 Ft
  • BOA: 9.9 m / 3.01 Ft
  • Sail Area M+FT: 212.5 sq.m
  • Displacement: 15 t
  • Hull Draft: 650 mm
  • Engines: 2 x 110 HP
  • Berths: 6 to 14
  • Hybrid Version: Yes
  • Solar Version: Yes
  • Intended for flat panel construction (except for the hull bottoms) using composite panels and foam or end grain balsa cores. These designs can also be adapted to convention moulded construction if preferred.

Three different engine power versions:

  • Diesel
  • Hybid (Electric/Diesel)
  • Solar Hybrid (Solar/Electric/Diesel).


  • 100% Carbon Yachts with a very good price-performance ratio Hybrid and Solar Yacht Systems
  • (These are not available on similar models offered by competitors! We have the first hybrid and solar yacht systems on
  • the market and in serial production)
  • Instant Yacht Leasing: attractive leasing solutions are available for future yacht owners only.
  • Security is a mortgage on the yacht only. No additional securities or solvency are required.
  • Extremly low interest rates are available without leasing realization and administration fees.